Picking Closes on Sunday 2 Hours Before the First Game!



“All Pro Challenge” (allprochallenge.com, “APC”) is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. There is NO fee, risk, actual betting, gambling or otherwise involved. That considered, the rules and application of the rules are completely discretionary to APC and are subject to change.

It’s completely FREE to play and without any obligation whatsoever. Have fun!


Scoring (earning points) is calculated each week as follows:

  • The “spreads” (team handicaps) are entered each week usually within 24 hours after the last game of the previous week (normally by 5 PM or sooner on Tuesdays) at which time the “Picking” will open for all players for that week. The NFL game weeks are numbered from 1 to 17.
  • Each player is awarded one (1.0) point for each win (correct pick) for each game each week considering the spread (posted handicap).
  • In the event of a game TIE, considering the spread, each player is awarded one half (0.5) point for each tie for each game each week considering the spread (posted handicap).
  • The maximum number of points a player can earn each game week is 16.0. This may vary from week to week based upon the number of actual games played in any given week (due to bye weeks of some teams and more or less actual games each week).


  • Picking opens on our website as soon as the spreads (team handicaps) are determined and entered on our website. This is normally within 24 hours of the last game played from the previous week's schedule (later on Tuesdays). We DO NOT change spreads once they are entered into our system like some gambling venues. Our spreads are based upon a consensus of several major betting venues.
  • In our weekly game schedules, you will see the games and a team that will have, for example, a “+3” next to their team name. This means that 3 points will be added to their actual game score for the purposes of determining the game-winner on our website. So if the Pittsburg Steelers are playing the New England Patriots and there is a “+3” next to the Pittsburg Stealers, this means that the Steelers have a 3 point handicap. If the FINAL ACTUAL game score was New England 23 and Pittsburg 21 (Pittsburg actually lost the game), Pittsburg is the winner because we added 3 points to their score which would mean that the HANDICAPPED FINAL SCORE was Pittsburg 24, New England 23.
  • Picking closes on any THURSDAY game 2 hours before that game starts. However, picking for the rest of the week's games shall remain OPEN until 2 hours before the first game(s) start on Sundays. At that time ALL PICKING WILL BE CLOSED for the remainder of the week's games.
  • You can change your picks at any time during the week while picking is STILL OPEN.


After each game week is completed, the player with the highest number of points each week wins the weekly prize offered by our sponsor. No one player can earn more than TWO (2) weekly prizes in any one season.

In the event of a TIE among players, the final winner each week will be chosen based upon the weekly TIEBREAKER SCORE that you entered at the bottom of the picking game schedule for each week. This is a TOTAL COMBINED SCORE between two NFL teams for a specified game each week. The APC player CLOSEST (over or under) to the total points scored in the specified game shall be declared the week's winner. If you do not enter any tiebreaker score your score estimate will be considered to be zero (0) and calculated as such to determine the final winner.

APC players MUST score at least ten (10) points in any given game week to win the weekly prize. If now player scores at least the 10 points required then no prize will be awarded for that game week.


The FINAL winners and APC player standings and the winner will be automatically posted each week after the final game of the game week is completed. Running standings of APC players are automatically updated throughout the game week as games are completed. You can visit our WEEKLY WINNERS page to view the active game week standings and that of past weeks as well.


In the unlikely event of a TIE after the Tiebreaker Score has been applied in any given game week, each APC player still tied with another player(s) to be the weekly winner will be awarded propionate “Prize Points” based upon the number of players still tied to win the weekly prize for each week.

For example: If two players are still tied in a given game week to win the prize AFTER applying the tiebreaker score, then each player shall receive 0.5 “Prize Points” in the player account. No prize will be awarded for that week. If 3 players are tied after applying the weekly tiebreaker score then each player eligible shall receive 0.33 prize points into their player account. And so on. Any APC player who accumulates more than 1.0 prize points during the course of the entire NFL season shall win a full weekly prize.


The APC player with the highest number of points at the end of the NFL regular season shall ALSO win the equivalent of the regular weekly prize. In the event of a tie between one or more end of season aggregate winners a “Playoff Contest” will be posted to determine the final winner based upon picking the results of NFL playoff games.


If you are the weekly winner, you will receive an email with instructions as to how to claim your prize. Weekly winners are posted on our website as well. You will need to contact the prize sponsor within 7 days of winning to claim your prize or the award will expire.

All APC Terms & Conditions apply to these rules and instructions.

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